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500+ wholesale fish and shrimp export worldwide

What We Do?

We breed and care for our fish from fry to some of the beautiful sights you will see on this site. They are all brought up high quality live foods to give them the best start to life possible.

Quality First

Our lines have been in the family years for the most part we know every single fish heritage within our fish house.

Quality First

Our lines are born and bread in house and have had years of scrutiny and selecting to make sure only the real special ones are available.  

World-wide clients

We do deliver to clients internationally but please contact us first to discuss the options before you order as fish safety comes first. 

Quality First

Three decades of hard work and continuous learning to deliver the excellence

Our Products

Just some of our fish and shrimp! Take a look through if there’s anything we don’t have listed just ask.


more species of tropical shrimp & fish available

Our Quality

“Expertise that was gained through
generations of hard work…”

We pride ourselves on our babies when i say babies i mean it we love each and every fish or shrimp we have seen there mums and dads come through.

Our top of the range hatchery and breeding facility breed some of the most beautiful lines your ever see.

Shiny, Freshy, Besty, Quality

We are so proud of our fish family the lines we use have taken years to perfect ready for you to enjoy.

Over 400
Local Merchants

We can ship to anywhere in the Uk. We can also do bulk if its a large order we will hand deliver your fish.

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